100 % Nature Vision

100 % Nature Vision

Yaban Tv has announced it's principles on broadcasting and cooperation with the social society through it's declaration on " 100 %  Nature Vision Document". This document is decribed as the Yaban Group's status.

100 % Nature Vision Document

"Yaban accepts human kind and the nature the fauna and flora as a whole.

It believes that within the human wellness and the unity of nature and the protection of biodiversity of the species, a sustainable balance must be cared for.

Within this frame, it supports all sorts of outdoor activities and sports that unite the man kind with nature and wildlife.

Yaban also induces all outdoor sportsman to carry the responsibility to protect nature.   

It collaborates with all parties who share the Hundred % Nature Vision without the discrimination of any race, lingo, religion or political belief.


*  To practice all outdoor sports in ethical principals and dependent to universal criteria.

*  To encourage outdoor sportsmen to work for the good of nature.

*  To respect all genres of life in it’s own ecosystem.

*  To pioneer the protection of endangered species and work for the prevention of dying away of the biological diversity.

*  Being aware of the social and economic importance of the sustainable use of natural resources, work for their protection.

*  To develop the wildlife management under these principals.

*  To support the scientific researches and the knowledge of the public, advise the official offices and the national and international organizations.

*  Give priority to collaborations within the above scope, establish NGOs and take active role in these organizations.

*  To be constructive

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